Sigma game accessories

  • 15x11x5cm dimensions
  • Double sidded

Ref. Name Dimensions Color Weight Price
1294087 SIGMA FLY BOX LARGE 22x12x4cm Black / Silver 0.23kg
1294088 SIGMA FLY BOX MEDIUM 16x14x4cm Black / Silver 0.16kg
1294089 SIGMA FLY BOX SMALL 16x11x4cm Black / Silver 0.08kg
1294092 SIGMA TROUT PRIEST 29x6x3cm Black / Silver 0.12kg
1294094 SIGMA SALMON PRIEST 32x6x3cm Black / Silver 0.16k
1294096 SIGMA ZINGER 16x6x3cm Black / Silver 0.03kg
1294097 SIGMA MAGNETIC NET RETAINER AND LANYARD 18x8x2cm Black / Silver 0.05kg
1308981 SIGMA DOUBLE ZINGER 12x6x3cm Black / Silver 0.02kg
1308982 SIGMA LINE CUTTER 11x5x2cm Black / Silver 0.02kg
1308983 SIGMA CUTTER WITH TOOLS 11x5x2cm Black / Silver 0.03kg