Sigma Line

The ultimate fly line - Sigma is a premium line with a beautifully even taper, ultra smooth coating and superb suppleness regardleess of weather

  • Easy to cast line which loads the rod quickly
  • Super smooth coating that aids shoot ability and distance.
  • Supple and virtually memory free
  • Available in Floating (Yellow), Intermediate (Green), and Sinking (Brown)
  • Inter sink rate = 0.5" per sec /  Med sink rate = 2" per sec
  • Line length: 27 yds
  • Manufactured in Worcestershire, UK

Ref. Name Length (m) Color aftm rating Price
1281101 SIGMA FLY LINE FLOAT WF3 27ft Yellow 3# Float
1281102 SIGMA FLY LINE FLOAT WF4 27ft / 25m Yellow 4# Float
1281103 SIGMA FLY LINE FLOAT WF5 27ft / 25m Yellow 5# Float
1281104 SIGMA FLY LINE FLOAT WF6 27ft / 25m Yellow 6# Float
1281105 SIGMA FLY LINE FLOAT WF7 27ft / 25m Yellow 7# Float
1281106 SIGMA FLY LINE FLOAT WF8 27ft Yellow 8# Float
1281107 SIGMA FLY LINE INTER WF6 27ft Green 6# Intermeadiate
1281108 SIGMA FLY LINE INTER WF7 27ft Green 7# Intermeadiate
1281109 SIGMA FLY LINE INTER WF8 27ft Green 8# Intermeadiate
1281110 SIGMA FLY LINE MED SINK WF7 27ft Brown 7# Med Sink
1281111 SIGMA FLY LINE MED SINK WF8 27ft Brown 8# Med Sink