Agility Match Luggage

A rod bag designed to carry made up rods safely and easily. 3 separate compartments allow 3 different rods + reels to be carried and left set up. An essential piece of match luggage that helps save time when setting up. Also great for pleasure anglers travelling light! The addition of a side pocket is a great advantage for carrying an extra rod, landing net pole, bank sticks or even an umbrella (130x10cm)

  • Waterproof 600x300D material
  • Re-enforced base
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Carry handle
  • Three spacious compartments
  • Side pocket

Ref. Name Dimensions Weight Color Material Lenght Price
1294032 AGILITY RIDGID 3 ROD HOLDALL 190x15x25cm 3.2k Blue / Red 600x300D Polyester with PVC backing waterproof 190
1294033 AGILITY CONTINENTAL ROD BAG 198x30x13cm 1.75k Blue / Red 600x300D/PVC 198
1294034 AGILITY 6 TUBE ROD BAG 200x22.5x13cm 1.5k Blue / Red 600x300D/PVC 200
1294035 AGILITY 4 TUBE COMPACT ROD BAG 168x20x20cm 1.0k Blue / Red 600x300D/PVC 168
1294036 AGILITY CARRYALL 59x34x40cm 0.21k Blue / Red 600x300D/PVC 59
1294037 AGILITY STINK BAG 69x60x24cm 0.68k Blue / Red 600x300D/PVC 69
1294038 AGILITY COOLER BAG 56x38x37cm 0.66k Blue / Red 600x300D/PVC 56
1294041 AGILITY BAIT APRON 53x34x27cm 0.30k Blue / Red 600x300D/PVC 53
1307047 AGILITY WAIST APRON 35x27x20cm 0.16k Blue / Red 600x300D/PVC 35