Agility 2 Surf

At 13ft in length and rated to cast 4 to 6ozs, this new Agility Surf 2 European style beachcaster is ideal for all general beach and surf fishing situations. It offers both casting power, but also excellent bite detection. It is designed specifically for use with fixed spool reels and braid lines, or mono lines in conjunction with a tapered mono shock leader for maximum distance casting using simple overhead casting styles. The rod is slim in diameter and lightweight, plus features Zirconium Oxide rings and a HHPS reel seat. Its 3-piece, equal section design allows easy transportation too.

  • Zirconium Oxide Guides
  • Slim carbon blanks
  • Rubber shrink wrap on Key handle areas
  • Glazed tip
  • supplied with sliding real seat

Ref. Name Material Handle Guides Section number Length Length closed Action Rod weight Price
1402832 AGILITY 2 LONG SURF 15FT4-8 OZ Carbon Rubber LS guide 3 4,50 m 1,58 m Fast 719 g
1407181 AGILITY 2 CNTNTAL SURF 450 15FT 120-250g Carbon Rubber LS guide 3 4,50 m 1,59 m Fast 716 g
1407182 AGILITY 2 CNTNTAL SURF 420 14FT 120-250g Carbon Rubber LS guide 3 4,20 m 1,48 m Fast 666 g
1407183 AGILITY 2 CNTNTAL SURF 390 13FT 120-250g Carbon Rubber LS guide 3 3,90 m 1,37 m Fast 588 g