Agility Predator

The new Shakespeare Agility series of lure rods cover a wide range of casting weights for fishing a variety of different tactics and types of lures. With a sensitive, crisp action and light in the hand, these rods are great fun to use, and perform in both fresh and saltwater.
Drop-shotting is rapidly rising in popularity in the UK, and if you've never tried it, now is your chance! Specifically designed for this finesse lure fishing tactic, the white tip on our new Drop Shot rod is a handy feature, helping you detect bites in low-light levels. Drop-shot fishing is also becoming popular in saltwater and this rod will also be used by sea anglers targeting bass from boats using the drop-shot technique.
The 7ft Light/Medium spinning rod is ideal for fishing jigs, small crankbaits and spinners for a multitude of different species including Zander, Perch and smaller Pike, also light sea fishing for bass, mackerel, garfish, pollack and coal fish.
Apart from heavier freshwater applications the 8ft 30-80g and 40-100g versions will also see favour with sea anglers looking to cast big heavy lures near to man-made structure for bass and pollack when boat fishing. Also for working jigs for coalfish and pollack over reefs and wrecks.
The 9ft 30-80g is an extremely versatile rod and will work well for general pike spinning as well as being an awesome modern game spinning rod for salmon and sea trout.
It's also the perfect choice for sea anglers looking to target bass and pollack with spinners from rock ledges where its power and length adds increased casting distance, with the ability to play big fish hard and keep them away from inshore snags.

  • Modern fast and progressive actions
  • Comfortable DPS reel seat
  • Quality EVA shaped handles
  • Zirconium Oxide (ZOG) Guides
  • Satin Matt blank finish

Ref. Name Material Handle Guides Section number Length Length closed Power Action Rod weight Price
1355807 AGILITY 8FT MED/HEAVY SPIN 4PC  30-80G Carbon EVA Zirconium Oxide 4 2,44 m 0,63 m 30-80 g Medium 178 g
1359923 AGILITY 7FT LIGHT/MED 5-30G 30 ton EVA Zirco. Oxide 2 2.12 m 1,10 m Fast 138 g
1359924 AGILITY 7FT MED/HEAVY  30-80G 30 ton EVA Zirco. Oxide 2 2.12 m 1.10 m Med./Heav 132 g
1359925 AGILITY 8FT MED/HEAVY 30-80G 30 ton EVA Zirco. Oxide 2 2.40 m 1.25 m 30 - 80 g Fast 158 g
1359926 AGILITY 8FT POWER SPIN 40-100G 30 ton EVA Zirco. Oxide 2 2.40 m 1.25 m 40 - 100 g Power 161 g
1359927 AGILITY 9FT MEDIUM SPIN 30-80g 30 ton EVA Zirco. Oxide 2 2.70 m 1.40 m Med 178 g