Agility Sea Tipster

Featuring a special supple tip section designed to maximize bite indication, this rod is ideal when targeting smaller species from boats, but still has the power in the mid section and butt to fight bigger fish when needed. Its longer 9' length also allows a greater area of seabed to be covered to search out tiny pockets of specific fish when boat match fishing. Equally this rod is at home on the beach or inside estuaries fishing the margins for flounder, school bass and other small species. Designed in 3-equal sections for ease of transportation, the Agility Sea Tipster features quality Zirconium Oxide rings, which are both mono and braid friendly. The new 11 and 14ft Tipsters reflect the modern trend for sensitive and sporting sea rods. The Tipster rods offer all-round versatility for both shore and boat fishing as blanks incorporate a uniquely designed soft tip to maximise visual bite detection, but carry power in the mid section and butt for casting performance.

  • Slim Carbon Blank
  • Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG)
  • Aluminum Reel Seat
  • Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG)
  • Spigot Joints
  • Sensitive tip

Ref. Name Material Handle Guides Section number Length Length closed Action Rod weight Price
1323403 AGILITY SEA TIPSTER 9FT 10-40GRM Carbon EVA ZOG 3 2.73 m 0.96 m Fast 272 g
1366108 AGILITY SEA TIPSTER 11FT 30-120g Carbon EVA / Shrink Wrap Zirconium Oxide 3 3,35 m 1,16 m Fast / Medium 341 g
1366110 AGILITY SEA TIPSTER 14FT 120-240g Carbon EVA/Shrink Zirco. Oxide 3 4,27 m 1,48 m Fast 675 g