Hot Spot

Catch 22

Date : 15.07.2009
Author : robn
Country : england
Area : Norfolk
Type of fish : Carp
Technique : Mainly carp
Difficulty : Fairly easy
Tips :

My first hot spot has to be Catch 22 in Norfolk a day ticket fishery that any one can fish. This lake not only boast one of the most impressive stocks of Carp over twenty pounds that ive had the pleasure to fish for it also has one of the most helpful and knowledgeable fishery owners in the form of Dave Whilby. A long time carp angler both hear and abroad he certainly knows how to catch a few fish and his knowledge of what is going on ,on his fishery is second to none. If I had to pick one hot spot on this water it would have to be the island swim which can be booked for up to two anglers. The swim is situated on its very own island opposite an out of bounds nature reserve and is only accessible by boat for the lucky pair that are fishing it. Carp can be caught from right under your feet to the far nature reserve island and even in winter when I have fish this swim the only thing that limits your catch rate is when you have to pack up to go home, all in all this is my number one swim choice.
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