Hot Spot

Horse shoe lake

Date : 15.07.2009
Author : robn
Country : England
Area : Gloucestershire
Type of fish : Carp, tench,rudd
Technique : Mainly carp
Difficulty : Moderate
Tips : Long range pva bags

The mighty Horse shoe lake in Gloucestershire is my second hot spot and again a lake that can be fished on a day ticket in particular the swim known as the disabled point. This swim is in the bottom end of winter bay and is again a double swim allowing you to team up with friends or family. Horse shoe is famous for its good looking carp and its horrendous weed beds but this swim can offer you a crack at some of the best clear areas available to the angler. Opposite the swim is a large willow tree on the far bank aim for this either in the middle or just off to the side and from around 80yrds to around 120yrds you should find a lovely area to fish. A good tip for finding the range in this swim is to drop your lead into the scaffold pipe in the front of the swim and then with a slackened clutch walk back up the path and over the grass behind. As you go you should find either a series of sticks stuck in the ground or some piles of grass, these will depict the different ranges that the swim has recently been fished at and should give you a pointer as to where to start your session. A worthy ploy I have used here is to measure your distance either just before or just after the mark you choose so that your bait should sit on the edge of the patch and be less suspicious to the carp. Check with the bailiffs at the time of fishing what approach is working but if in doubt then the faithful routine of three spods to start then another two or three after each fish very rearely lets me down when I visit. If you start to get it Wright and the fish are climbing up your rods then on this lake let them have it with the bait as once they start to feed heavily then they really can go off.
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