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How easy it is to catch a carp over 3lb at woodend farm comp

Date : 07.10.2010
Author : Jordan Grant
Country : England
Area : United kingdom
Type of fish : Carp
Technique : Float,feeder
Difficulty : Easy
Tips : .the best bait is mainly sweetcorn or luncheon meat

At woodend farm complex its really easy to catch nice pound fish even for beginers all you really need is a strong rod,sweetcorn,at least 10lb line size 10 hook(because thats the limit)

Just set up a simple float rig with at half a meter depth from hook to float single corn and fish near the bank next to the bushes for some quality fish that will make you happy(make sure though you go on the bottom pond as this is the best one)

as i said at the top its really easy even for beginers all the times ive fished at woodend ive seen young kids giving woodend i go and then leaving with a smile on there face because of how many carp they had caught that same day as me all oer 2lb,3lb

the reason i say use 10lb line is because they carp really tackle alot even for a 3lb i know this because i had 5lb line on had a 3lb fish and snapped me on the swim feeder :(

the picture just shows what type of fish are like at woodend :)

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