Hot Spot

Lamby lake

Date : 26.05.2009
Author : richy1994
Country : Wales
Area : Cardiff
Type of fish : Carp/roach/perch/dace/bream/tench and other silvers
Technique : Ledgering/pop ups
Difficulty : Hard.well worth the challenge
Tips : Crab and cray boilies/ margins

lamby is a small syndicate lake situated in the middle of cardiff. lamby is absoulutely stunning lake full of big carp and big coarse fish.

lake record stands at 36 pounds . and i hope to beat that this year

lamby lake is built on quality not quantity.lamby lake hopes to become 1 of few lakes to house 40lb carp in wales and hopefully in the next year or 2 that dream will come true. lamby has many different strains of carp including ghost,grass,mirror,common and crucian.

lamby lake is a definate lake for any angler looking to catch a dream fish!!!
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