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Gillhams Fishing Resorts is a family-run business, and both Sean and I are experienced big fish anglers. Benz, who is my partner, is in control of the day-to-day running of the resort, and she is assisted by Noi, Sean's partner. Together with Benz, we traveled Thailand in search of the perfect location for a fishing resort, finally deciding on Krabi province due to its natural beauty and popularity as a family destination, but it took us a further six months to find the perfect location. We purchased our land in 2006, and then began the daunting task of the excavation of a nine-acre lake. This was a frustrating task but, after sorting through various idiots, we finally found a local contractor to supply experienced staff and top quality equipment. Without two local brothers, Den and Deol, this lake would not have been dug. Various engineers and site managers had failed, but I would recommend these two to anyone. While the lake was being dug, we rented some lakes from our good friends the Chow family, and our lake was complete by March 2007. Benz' family we were introduced to Mr. Egg, one of Thailand’s top fish suppliers. Mr. Egg travels the length and breadth of Thailand purchasing specimen sized fish for us. Some days he drives over 700 kilometers chasing rumours of big fish. If the rumour is true he will purchase the fish for us and transports it back to Gillhams Fishing Resorts. Many times poor Egg wastes his time and money chasing false rumours, and he is another man we are indebted to. All our red tail catfish, Mekongs and Chao Phraya catfish come from a fish farm near Bangkok, owned by Thailand’s most respected fish farmer, Mr. Toe. He is without exception regarded as the no. 1 fish breeder in Thailand, and his fish are the most sought after fish in the country. Toe has become a loyal and trusted friend, and his advice and assistance with planning our fish’s environment has been invaluable. Without these people we would have given up our dream but with their help, dedication, generosity and knowledge, the lake is now complete and stocked with some of the biggest fish in the world, ready for our clients to enjoy some of the best freshwater fishing in the world in probably what is one of the most beautiful locations in Asia. We are looking forward to make your dreams come real. Our commitment is to give all our guests the holiday of a lifetime in a beautiful, safe and friendly surrounding. Thank you for reading this introduction. We hope to see you soon. Stuart, Sean, Benz and Noi.

Reel Fun Fishing

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For over thirty years the name John "Watto" Watson has been one of the first to come to mind whenever pike fishermen debate which of their fraternity merits inclusion in the pantheon of the greats - those leading exponents of the sport operating at the time.Yet unlike many contemporary specialist anglers, fishing, whilst undoubtedly one of his lifes greatest passions, is not "the only show in town" He combines his zeal for the sport with a rich and varied range of interests. Within the realms of his pike fishing life, moreover a sense of proportion is always maintained. He is emphatically not just another "trophy hunter" although his successes within the branch of angling for which he is best known are legion. His Thurne system monster of 38-01 remains amongst the few non-trout water specimens ever taken which are larger than Clifford Warwick's Hampshire Avon pike which held the English record at the time he began fishing as a boy, and during the 2007-08 season he became one of the handfull of anglers to take their personal tally of twenty pound plus pike to more than two hundred. But while he pursues the species with an eye to catching the larger specimens he has never lost the ability to derive pleasure from the capture of even small pike. To those who know him well it is remarkable how he somehow manages to combine his passion and flair for the sport with an ability to make it appear to be just another area of a rich and full life. Fishing, football, cricket, boxing, tennis and athletics are just the sporting elements of his wide range of interests. Restoring period properties; what I would call the strategic aspects of gardening on a grand scale; travelling,and of course writing are all important elements of a rich and it need scarcely be added, full life. Trenchant and often controversial in his opinions, his words always command attention. He sticks rigidly to his dearly-held principles, although he is more often spoken of as something of a rogue within the very broad church of piking. Author now of three books on the subject and writer of numerous articles for various publications over the past three and a half decades, Watto remains a towering figure in the fascinating world of pike fishing. John is currently finishing the process of producing A Piker's Progression, or a Piker's Progress Part 2 his follow up and update to A Pikers' Progress which should be available soon.


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Sea Breeze III

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