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Mirror Carp

Date : 13.04.2010
Caught by : amy
Fish caught in : Northfield White Lake
Fishing style : Feeder
Tackle used : Maggot
Length : ?
Weight : 27lb 14oz
Fish released? : Yes
Weather :

By Amy's DadOver Easter I did a weeks fishing on Ringwood and District Angling Associations Northfield White Lake, my daughter aged 7 joined me for 3 nights.I offered Amy the use of any of my rods and reels, but she refused saying that she would prefer to use her own Shakespeare 5ft 6 inch Ladyfish rod and reel. She set up a feeder rig on 6lb mono to a 4lb hook link, a size 16 hook baited with 2 maggot. Amy caught her PB roach to a 1lb and a few other smaller roach, she also had her PB tench of 3lb 4oz. Amy continued to feed the swim with a catapult using a mixture of hemp, partyblend and maggots. The following morning Amy cast her feeder into the baited area and we didn't have to wait long for a bite to develop. From the off it was clear that this was much larger than anything she had hooked before, and I had my heart in my mouth the whole time, Amy kept her cool and after a ten minute battle one of the much sought after older residents of the lake lay in the bottom of the landing net. The fish was a mirror carp and weighed a huge 27lb 14oz! When asked what she thought about it afterwards she said she was 'Speechless!' which is unusual for Amy!We would both like to thank Cam and Jim for the help with the photos, netting and release of the fish.Although I fished for 4 days longer than Amy I only managed one 12lb carp.We are all very proud of Amy for managing to land such a big fish on her light tackle.
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that is one nice carp