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Date : 26.02.2011
Caught by : barlow1982
Fish caught in : England
Fishing style : Predator
Tackle used : Roach
Length :
Weight :
Fish released? : Yes
Weather :

Southport & District Angling Association(S&DDA) control upper rivington reservior I decided to fish here Sat 26-02-11 for the first time,Targeting Pike after getting some local information on the place it sounded as the pike are very Cautious with heavy rigs what offer very little resistance alot of angler i spoke to were getting dropped runs a loseing fish ( May be they could feel the resistance of the lead,Heavy floats ? ) So i decided to target it in a different way as i would usually fish i opted to fish without any Floats,Leads kept it very simple i decided to use only a 22inch trace conected to my usual 12lb Mono And as i found out the place is stuffed with Roach so opted for roach bait,As i saw fish topping close in i fished around 10-15 yards out And after around an hour of my first Rivington Session i was rewarded with a 16lb Pike in imaculate Condition I'll soon be back to try and beat my Venue PB Lee
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