Ipswich Childrens Hospital Charity Match

Match Fees
All adults 16+ £ 5.00, children free if fishing with a paying adult, children without a paying adult £ 2.00 but must have an adult with them at all times for safety reasons.
Booking In
This process will take place from 8.30 to 9.30am at the cafe in the main car park, the cafe will also be open for breakfasts
Fishing Times
The match will start at 10am and end at 3.30pm.
Weigh In
The weigh in will take part near to the cafe, all anglers wishing to weigh in must be present no later than 4.15pm.
The result details and prizes will take place at the Ship Inn public house on the main road as soon as everyone has weighed in, it may take us a while to calculate the results so we have ensured the bar will be open.
Match Details
Match Method
As this match is open to everyone, match anglers, pleasure anglers and juniors the method will be traditional weigh all sizeable fish.
We are using the Angling Trust size limits, details can be found at:
Catch Cards
You will be given a match card during booking in, for those that don't know what that is, a catch card requires you to write down each sizeable fish you catch along with its length, you then need to get another angler (not friend or family) next to you to sign and witness the fish length. This card must be handed in during the weigh in or your catch will not be accepted.
Fishing Area
You may fish as far left or right of the car park as you like as long as you are walking, remember you need to be at the weigh in 45mins after the match ends. An area will be set aside near the car park for disabled anglers and team captains.