Superteam scores with top new rods


Shakespeare Superteam 10ft Feeder RRP £79.99

Shakespeare Superteam FD reel RRP £59.99 The lads at Shakespeare have updated the acclaimed Superteam match rod series with five new models, three of which are aimed squarely at the commercial pool angler. There are new 12ft and 10ft feeder rods and an 11ft pellet waggler for the carp pools, plus two new general purpose float rods at 15ft and 13ft that will appeal to river and commercial anglers alike.

With catalogue prices ranging between £79.99 and £109.99 it seems to me that, whichever one you choose, you’re getting a lot of rod for your money. I elected to field test the 10ft, two-piece feeder rod that’s built for tight, accurate work lobbing payloads weighing up to 2oz over ranges to about 30 yards. The light, slimline blank is finished with an attractive, sculpted Duplon reel seat with a design that ensures most of your hand is comfortably cushioned while you’re giving the rod a good workout. It comes complete with three push-in glassfibre quivertips rated at 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz, and a maximum reel line rating of 8lb gives an indication that this little rod has a lot of ‘guts’ to it. After casting out a little 20g cage feeder stuffed with cubed 8mm luncheon meat and capped off with groundbait I was into decent carp right from the off. With an 8lb reel line and a 6lb hooklength I was in total control of every fish that I hooked, while still fishing a sporty rod that transmitted the thrill of the fight, rather than feeling like I was cranking them in with a sawn-off telegraph pole. I’ve been a big fan of the Shakespeare Superteam rods since they first hit the shops around eight years ago, and this lovely 10ft bottom rod carries on the proud tradition of a very capable marque. I teamed my test rod with the new Superteam Front Drag reel which, for the asking price, represents a cracking buy. Available in just two match sizes – 35FD for float work, and 40FD for feeder – they boast seven bearings apiece, powerful 5.2:1 retrieve rates and two machined metal spools, one shallow, one deep, with attractive carbon chequered inserts.

The reels look truly stunning with matt black finish and aluminium/carbon hybrid spools that each feature two different types of line clip to suit your style of fishing. Catalogue price for both reels is a very reasonable