Uncover an urban gem


Places that may have seemed quite barren throughout the summer months can offer hectic sport on a par with many commercial stillwaters from autumn onwards. One such place is the Nottingham and Beeston canal, which was built in the 18th century and runs through the heart of this popular Midlands city. Most of it was closed in 1937, and 20 years later authorities began filling in the canal and building over it. What remains now is a relatively short stretch used by boat traffic to bypass a nonnavigable section of the River Trent, and this has had the knock-on effect of giving the canal a flow similar to that of a slowmoving river.

One angler who has fished this fascinating venue on and off for a number of years is Darren Lewis. A member of the highlysuccessful Shakespeare Superteam, Darren is ideally placed to demonstrate the skills needed to target slow-moving town centre waterways.......