Shakespeare® Firebird Tele Spin Combo

Shakespeare® Firebird Tele Spin Combo


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  • Modern stylish abbreviated EVA handle
  • Cushioned DPS reel seat
  • Strong guide frames with Titanium Oxide inserts
  • Matt blank finish
  • Tele’s supplied with protective guide sheath
  • Reliable RD reel spooled perfectly with good quality dark brown mono
  • 12lb mono on the 10ft, 6lb on the others
  • Size 40RD on 10ft and 30RD on the others
  • Gear ratio 5.2:1
  • Supplied in a poly bag with the reel cable tied to the reel seat
The Firebird combos are perfect for anglers looking for a reliableproduct without breaking the bank.

They display strong and attractive Firebird artwork and cosmetics thatstand out in store and appeal to anglers of all ages.The telescopic and 2pc range covers most UK light to medium spinningapplications.

The blanks are strong and slim at the price point with medium actionsthat will allow beginner and kids to cast easilyThe short transport length of the telescopic’ s are great to take onholiday and provide a fishing ‘fix’ for expert and occasional anglersalike.
Shakespeare® Firebird Tele Spin Combo
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